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The fencing match

Dornel: Sonate en quatuor

Ensemble Diderot teamed up with two fencers for the breathtaking first movement of Dornel’s “Sonate en quatuor” exploring the fierce competition of the three violins in a new way.

Sonata for 3 Violins

Johann Joseph Fux

Johannes Pramsohler, Roldán Bernabé and Simone Pirri play the first movement of Fux' Sonata for three violins without bass. An Audax Records world premiere recording.

Pachelbel: Canon

Sonatas for three violins

It was obvious that we had to record Pachelbel’s (in)famous Canon for our album "Sonatas for three violins". On the last day we had fun with the iconic Paternoster at the WDR in Cologne.

Fervour and melancholy

The Berlin Album

Ensemble Diderot records Graun's trio sonata "Sanguineus et Melancholicus" for the BERLIN ALBUM.

In this work, the violins represent two of the four basic psychological types which had dominated medical theory since the ancient Greeks. 

A musical dispute

The Berlin Album

When people thought that instrumental music couldn’t be translated into words, Graun set out to show that it could not just tell a story but indeed represent a dialogue. The plot consists of a hotheaded Sanguineus conversing with a depressive Melancholicus