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The Art of Fugue

A poetic exploration of the beauty of counterpoint

1h10 of music | a string quartet | an immersive space | a laser

The Art of Fugue – one of the great wonders of musical art – is universally upheld as a major intellectual tour de force of Western civilisation.

After having given new insight into Bach’s Musical Offering, Johannes Pramsohler and his colleagues of Ensemble Diderot team up with young French light designer Mathieu Cabanes to stage Bach’s last work of unparalleled splendour and poetry.

Bach’s sequence of fugues, each slightly more complicated than the preceding one, summarizes the entire known potential of counterpoint. Johannes Pramsohler gives the 14 fugues and 4 canons a particular dramaturgy by grouping them into 5 tableaux. The presence of a laser which acts as a fifth member of the group allows the listener to explore Bach’s powerful and hypnotic masterwork in a new way.

Mathieu Cabanes 

light design

Ensemble Diderot

Johannes Pramsohler violin

Roldán Bernabé violin/viola

Isabel Juárez viola

Gulrim Choi cello

IMG_4426 2.HEIC

Season brochure 

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