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Bach's Musical Offering with videos by Pierre Nouvel

A unique sensory experience of Bach's masterpiece

Bach’s Musical Offering, one of the most fascinating works in musical history, still raises questions even after countless interpretations and performances. Composed three years before his death, it embodies everything that makes Bach so captivating: magnificent music that is consummate in all parameters, hidden messages, romantic-transfigured history, enigmatic masterpieces, numerology ... and most often it is met by nebulous, apprehensive respect.

Ensemble Diderot attempts an entirely new way of liberating the work from entrenched traditions. Together with video artist Pierre Nouvel and stage designer Damien Caille-Perret, the five musicians provide new insights into the riddle canons that surround the pinnacle of the trio sonata genre. Three screens with videos that play along with the musicians in real time and an ingenious lighting concept make possible a multi-sensorial experience and complete immersion in the work.

In that the video becomes the sixth member of the ensemble and reacts to the music and the motions of the musicians, it offers new perspectives between comprehension and emotion.

Pierre Nouvel videos
Damien Caille-Perret set design
Marie-Édith Leyssène lights


Ensemble Diderot

Johannes Pramsohler violin

Georges Barthel flute

Roldán Bernabé violin/viola

Gulrim Choi cello

Philippe Grisvard harpsichord



Project trailer in which Johannes Pramsohler and Damien Caille-Perret present their collaboration with video artist Pierre Nouvel.



1st part

Jean-Marie Leclair 

Trio sonata

Jean-Pierre Guignon

Pieces for two violins

Michel Blavet

Concerto for flute



Johann Gottlieb Janitsch


Jean-Marie Leclair


Johann Joachim Quantz

Flute Quartet


2nd part

Johann Sebastian Bach

Musicalisches Opfer, BWV 1079

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