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“The way historical research and musical excellence come together here is both meritorious and thrilling at the same time.”


Founded in 2008 by violinist Johannes Pramsohler and a group of like-minded musicians, Ensemble Diderot has become an absolute reference in classical music. Their distinctive sound, the fresh approach to baroque music on original instruments inviting audiences to go on thought-provoking journeys, the creative use of historically informed performance, thorough research, and highly inventive programming have earned them a large international fan base, not only in the Early Music scene. The award-winning discography consisting mainly of world premiere recordings bears testimony to the adventurous spirit of  LOREM IPSUM EXTENDI SONOS IN CASA DEMORE PSUM EXTENDI SONOS IN CASA DEMORE FENDI  FENDI the ensemble's members. Read more...



New album

The beginnings of the violin concerto in France


France's contribution to the genre of the Baroque solo concerto seems late and tentative, but it is fascinating to see how French composers managed to combine Italian robustness and French elegance in their works. Johannes Pramsohler and Ensemble Diderot take a journey to the origins of this hybrid form, presenting here the very first violin concertos by French composers, with two world-premiere recordings of concertos by Jean-Marie Leclair and André-Joseph Exaudet at the heart of this virtuosic and exciting programme.


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ICMA Winner!

The Jury of the International Classical Music Awards (ICMA) has announced the winners for 2021. Ensemble Diderot is among the impressive range of laureates and receives the prestigious prize for their Berlin Album.

“I am particularly happy that our jury does not only focus on long-established musicians, but also closely monitors a wide variety of labels, allowing the discovery of outstanding recordings by young artists. For us, only musical quality and integrity are important.” Remy Franck, ICMA President



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